[Guide] How to submit your suggestions

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[Guide] How to submit your suggestions

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Welcome to the sub-forum dedicated to your ideas and your willingness to change the community for the better.

In this section you can report what you don't like about the game or add something from yourself voluntarily
contributing to the development of this server.
Below is a list that presents a few rules that you need to follow in order for your suggestion
to be taken into account/added to the game.

Make sure the thread prefixes you have used are listed below. We need their use to make changes to the server properly.
Thank you.

  • [Mini-game]
    • Proposal for the Sponge Mini-game.
  • [Lobby]
    • Proposal for changes to the lobby.
  • [Effects]
    • Suggestion what new cosmetics you would like to see on the server.
  • [In-game items]
    • Proposal of what new items you want to add.

Also please add detailed information about your suggestion so we can fix/add it within more accurate way.

Have a good day!