[Update Announcement] 1.2 version available!

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[Update Announcement] 1.2 version available!

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Hi everyone!
Recently I've decided to make some changes to my game and this is about the results I've got by the moment.

> Coin System

You can earn coins by simply doing some in-game actions (even just be there!).
5 coins are given to all players (of course not eliminated) in arena every 50 seconds.
Also when you final kill someone there will be +15 coins for you (if you kill leader, you get +25 instead).
When you win a game, you simply get 50 coins.
That's it. Not a very complicated mechanism.

> New rank

I added a new rank named "YOUTUBER" for those, who are recording on this server (In hope that this server's position is about to change in the future).
They are able to use /nick command and have all perks that DONOR rank has.

> Changes in Nickname System

Speaking of nicks, they were adapted for everone's usage.
I added GUI which will provide you through all steps to get you nicked.
The thing that won't change is that only staff ranks and YOUTUBE rank will have access to the feature (maybe DONOR once, paritally).

Below is a short video, presenting the told.

> Added new Cosmetics Category - Shopkeeper Skin
I also added new Cosmetics Type - Shopkeeper Skins.
You can select now one of 15 various effect which will be displayed as your Item Shop or Upgrade NPC skin.

Menu looks like this:

> Minor changes
  • Added statistics reset date to the holograms
  • Added your rank in Statistics Hologram
  • Added 2 Final-kill Effects: Summer Festival & Cat Invasion, preview of those is available in lobbies
  • Added lobby Scoreboard that displays basic info
  • Fixed some bugs in game
I still have to do a few things and I think update will be released in a week. Available today! Join and test.

That's it for today. See ya!