[Game Update] First Network & Game Updates Thread

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[Game Update] First Network & Game Updates Thread

Post by pablion »

Welcome everyone,
This topic is related to publish only in-game kind of updates.
Posts will be published in this thread (so far) by me.
I will try my best to make next updates available in possible shortest period of time.

Word "try" was mentioned above 'cause my health is not very good right now and probably it will be in that condition for plenty of time yet.
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Re: [Game Update] Network & Game Updates Thread

Post by pablion »

Some things have been changed, however main part of this things are on technical side, so you won't see many of graphical improvements.
Maybe I will manage to finally publish very first version of the Network.

Let's get into it!


  • Changes
    • Added MongoDB Support
    • Added anit-afk in-game system (kicks for inactivity in 5 seconds)
    • Added health bar for all non-player creatures
    • Added Fishing Rod item to the game (20 Gold)
    • Added Lobby Selector item to switch between lobbies
    • Made possible to add a map to favorites and remove it from its list
    • Made possible to change nickname (for now only for admins)
    • Made possible to increase duration of "Regeneration Effect" by eating more golden apples
    • Made possible to buy sword for teammate or for later to put in a chest
    • Made possible to track the chosen opponent when the gate is opened
    • Made possible to join when arena is starting (on 4v4 and 8v8)
    • Changed Game Server display order by its map name - no chaos from now
    • Changed "Bad Breath" item price from 6 to 8 emeralds
    • Changed "Game End" counter duration on "[L] DUELS" mode to 7:00 (minutes)
    • Changed duration of "Gate Open" counter to 4:00 (for [L] DUELS) and 6:30 (for other gamemodes) (minutes)
    • Changed "bring" to "bring back" word in Clone Voucher description
    • Changed "TNT Friend" Finish Effect displaying style to be quieter
    • Removed shout and team chat for "[L] DUEL" mode
    • Renamed rank [DONATOR] to [DONOR]
    • Left Citizens completely and switched to Custom NPC System
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed some bugs in BungeeCord Support
    • Fixed server disables MongoDB when players are still online (whilst server stopping)
    • Fixed adding/removing permissions not working instantly
    • Fixed that players aren't visible when joining
    • Fixed asynchronous Stats saving
    • Fixed firing Death Effect before player decides to leave

  • Known issues and short TODO List
    • Buggy 1.19 protocol which makes it difficult to play on that specific version (probably something wrong lies in my code) seems now it was just a slow server :P
    • PlayerCount holograms sometimes display wrong numbers or just flicker
    • Major bug: corrupted world saving which sometimes causes empty map or improperly loaded chunks
      - My recommendation for now is that just leave from arena and let server reload itself - paritally fixed

    • Make game more customizable (add NPC skins to the Cosmetics List)
    • Make leveling and experience system (b1.3?)
    • Add coin system to the game and make Cosmetics more vaulable by adding price to them (of course coins, don't worry :D)
    • Create a bunch of funny lobby effects you can use when you're waiting for the next game Not now, sorry...
    • More hideouts (unique for each map)
    • Effect that are only available for players who participate in events (further updates)

Have an idea? Want to share it with me? Post your suggestions here.

Thanks. :)