A Mini-games server

or just Mini-game server

What is it?

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a Minecraft Server Network that is solely dedicated to one type of mini-game.
Within this network, players have the opportunity to collect Sponge and purchase hideouts, among other weapons, while taking cover or awaiting the gate to graciously open.
Additionally, during gameplay, a random player is selected to be the Team Leader for each team. Players can assist the leader by purchasing special upgrades, as losing the leader is the same as losing a bed in the BedWars game. One can only imagine the situation if the leader were to act em... carelessly? Is that a right word?
Okay, and now a bit more seriously. I have been working on this game
since May 5, 2019, and it is one of the few projects that has provided me with a great sense of satisfaction. As a creator, I believe that it is crucial to prioritize the happiness of the players. I understand that this sentiment may sound trite, as it is a common refrain among game developers, but I can’t think of a better way to express what I mean.
To be honest, I more enjoy designing games for others rather than simply playing them myself. If you are interested in supporting the creation of a vibrant community, I welcome your contribution in the form of a special rank with unique game cosmetics.
The only rank you can get now is [DONOR], and a complete description of it is right here purchasing ranks won't be possible so far, sorry...

The current version of the game and a whole Network is: BETA v1.2

The future & development

My primary objective is to foster a thriving community and ensure the game is a source of joy for all players. I am committed to continue developing this game for as long as there is demand for it.
In the event that an aspect of the game fails to resonate with players,
I am prepared to make the necessary changes to improve the gameplay experience. I believe that if a game fails to engage its audience,
it is the responsibility of the developer to adapt until the game becomes enjoyable.
It is important to note that my physical limitations prohibit me from undertaking certain activities, and as a result, I am solely responsible for all aspects of game development. Consequently, I am currently equipped to handle no more than 60 players. However, I try hard to force this number to increase to at least 120 in the near future.
At present, the game features simple maps with minimal details, consisting of a lobby populated with NPCs for players to join the game and Statistic Holograms. Rather than constructing elaborate buildings,
I aimed to create a forest-like setting where mobs can interact with one another around a fire.
I can't explain exactly why Mario is there, maybe it's kind of variety (Seriously, I don't know why. Please don't ask).

The game currently includes 2/3 small-sized maps that I built, despite lacking expertise in this area. However, I am open to modifying these maps in response to feedback, and I welcome contributions from players with superior building skills. If demand for the game grows, I intend to assemble a team of moderators and devs to collaborate efficiently and ensure the project continues to evolve.

All future versions will be published on this website in the Updates Tab.