[Guide] How to play this game

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[Guide] How to play this game

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Hello, in this guide, I will show you how to navigate through this creation known as the Sponge Minigame.
The entire read will be divided into smaller sections to make it easier to navigate.
I'm creating this script because people from my surroundings and strangers often ask me how it works, what it's for, and, in general, how everything looks in practice.
Feel free to continue with the next part of the guide.

Concepts and a bit of philosophy
  • When it comes to the gameplay itself, it's not particularly difficult, but like any game, it requires an understanding of how its features work. There are several game modes in it, with two of them being temporarily disabled - for now, only Leaders Duel ([L] DUEL) and 2v2 will be available.
    Yes, this production is... well, a big experiment. I had to work for a long time to give any shape to the game you see now. To be honest, I've always wanted to have a multiplayer server, it's been a dream of mine since I was a child. One day, I just came up with the idea that it would be cool to create a game where you collect sponges and exchange them for valuable items. So... I sat down at the computer and started writing, writing, writing, and writing. Until I finally managed to create something that might eventually be playable.
    Today, I'm at a point where what I see every time I join mc.pablion.net is something almost impossible to achieve for someone with health issues like mine. When I started writing it, I couldn't even imagine that Bad Breath would be available in the game, which is now (at least in my opinion) a mark of the minigame.

    The game was meant to be unique from the very beginning. Two teams were supposed to battle in it, and the Item Shop sections were arranged in a way that even the youngest players could navigate the inventory. I also wanted the item descriptions to best reflect their properties. Did I succeed? Well, find out...

Game Modes
  • Right after entering the server, you will see four NPCs, each labeled with the mode they represent.
    The current game modes are Leaders Duel ([L] DUEL), 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8. As I mentioned earlier, the last two are currently disabled.
    I'll probably consider changing the maximum number of players on the arenas or adding new game modes in the future, depending on your needs.

Your statistics
  • Statistics are divided into 4 holograms, one of which is a mode switch, one will concern your individual progress in the game, and the rest display the overall ranking of all players in time intervals such as Daily, Weekly, and Lifetime. If you find yourself in a position in the overall rankings, your username will be displayed in bold, but if not, your position in the ranking will appear at the bottom. As the names suggest, the Daily mode resets every 24 hours, the Weekly mode resets every 7 days, and the Lifetime mode never resets (I guess). As for the switch, there's not much philosophy to it – I won't elaborate on this matter. But I would like to mention that in the "Your Statistics" section, you can find all the items for which points will be awarded, such as "Games you played" and "Winstreaks," for example.

Map structure
  • On each map, there is a spawn point (lobby) where all players wait until the game begins. Once the game is underway, the player's task is to prepare for the moment when the gate opens – that is, to gather sponges and equip themselves with the appropriate armor, weapons, and more. You can purchase everything at the NPC tagged as ITEM SHOP. If you're interested in buying upgrades, visit the "UPGRADES" NPC.
    On each map, you'll find bonus chests containing various loot, partially influenced by the map's theme (though this isn't a strict rule). There are also locations scattered throughout the map where you can mine sponges. Players also have the option to share items by placing them in a special loot chest to keep them for themselves (enderchest).
    Players can also purchase hideouts, which currently block the entrance to a team's forge. Players have a limited time to hide inside, with the duration ranging from 20 to 50 seconds.

  • Getting Started
    • When it comes to the countdown to the start of a round, the duration can vary depending on the number of players, potentially decreasing from 20 to 10 seconds.
      The time until the gate opens is the same for all modes, except for Leaders Duel, which makes sense since only two people play there, requiring less preparation time.
      The general time until the gate opens is: 5 minutes The time until the gate opens in Leaders Duel is: 2 minutes.
      In each team, one member is randomly selected as the Team Leader. If the Team Leader leaves the game before the gate opens, a new one is chosen. However, if the gate is already open, you lose the Team Leader, and your team becomes vulnerable to injuries.
      When your Leader is killed or leaves the game, your team's status changes to critical, and the number of remaining players in your team is displayed. If the player count in one of the teams drops to zero, that team loses the game.
      The Team Leader has access to some items at lower prices because they are crucial to winning. Information about these items is displayed alongside them.
      As for the reward system, for each round won, a player receives 100 coins, 10 coins for each elimination, and 25 coins for eliminating Team Leaders. Players also receive 5 coins for every minute they play the game.
    New Items
    • In the game, there are unique items with functions described below:
      Sword Upgrade for Your Teammate
      In the game, you can purchase a sword upgrade for later use or buy it directly for a member of your team. Wondering how to do it? Well, the instructions are now displayed on your screen.
    Sponge Tool
    • There's no need for much explanation here, as this tool doubles the amount of sponge you collect when you hold it in your hand, including the previously purchased "Sponge Collector" upgrade.
    • I'm not a fan of saying something twice if I don't have to. If you want to learn about this feature, click here: viewtopic.php?p=16#p16
    Bad Breath
    • A rather peculiar weapon, its use requires being sufficiently far from an enemy on the opposing team (if you're a geek – 10 blocks). "Green smoke" appears on the map and follows players until it hits one. When it does, it deals 9 HP. However, if it doesn't encounter anyone for a while, it disappears and is no longer a threat. :P
    Golem Rider
    • As the name suggests, it's an item that allows you to ride an Iron Golem and control it. It's a one-time use item, so if you plan to ride for a longer time, I recommend buying at least 3-4 of them (I know, it's not a cheap item, but if it were cheaper, the game would be too easy).

If you have time, you can also watch a video showcasing the features mentioned above and a few others.

Here's the video: